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Corporate Team Building Drum Seminars

So what are Corporate Team Building Drum Seminars?
Major Blue Chip Companies, and other substantial companies regularly invest a lot of revenue into the their staff and send them of special recreational days. Sometimes they are trips to theme parks and paint balling.

These perks are costly and often dangerous in terms of physical risk, costly as often coaches and buses are hired to ferry the staff to these events.

If you would like to reward your staff with one of our Corporate Team Building Drumming Seminars we would be happy to assist you. 


Once acquiring and booking a venue such as a hotel room for the day, we would in advance attend and set that room up for upwards of 350 people and would provide drums and percussion for everyone attending. after consultation a tailor made package and program would be implemented to facilitate the seminar and all participants would be engaged in fun team building games, exercises, ice breakers and problem solving games as well as recreational energizing drumming.

What are the benefits to Corporate Companies at our Team Building Seminars.?

All relevant research from Psychologist, Psychotherapist Professors in the field of sales psychology and musicology and team drumming know that collective group drumming is motivating and is stress reducing resulting in a more motivated and engaged staff member.


It’s known to:

  • Destroy the barriers of age, gender, culture, language, and race that separate us.


  • That everyone is equal in our gatherings whether a new-hire, veteran employee, or team leader and bolsters the leadership structure creating greater understanding of each others roles.


  • Awaken the participants and is ideal for keeping your team energized throughout the conference.

  • Develop speech and expression to connect with whichever ethos, or value you are trying to get your team to adopt.

  • That sessions can be as accessible as you need for your events in terms of time. All exercises can be tailored to what you need for your teams.

  • Enhance the focus of participants, allowing them to effectively listen and respond to each other.

  • Build a focus driven mentality, improve concentration, receptiveness to outside influences, and encourage and sharpen mental focus and energy.

  • That participants feel the strength, drive and energy and choose to take an active leading or supportive role.

  • Partakers experience an instant effect of positivity, inspiration, confidence building, and team inclusiveness.

  • highlight the importance of the various roles in the group and each person’s place as a whole.

  • Entertaining, motivating, fun, inspirational and relieves stress.

  • Show that there is no good or bad way to take part and highlights the individuality in the group while also pointing out the importance of a team.

  • That any skeptical thoughts are quickly replaced with positivity and enjoyment which is a great platform for being open to change and new ideas.

  • Synergy is quickly achieved in the group which can sometimes take a long period of time normally.

  • Even with no experience throughout the group, by the end of the day it will sound like a proud tribe beating away in unison.