Recreational Drum Ensemble

Recreational Drum Ensemble


There are two types of Community Drumming Groups. There is the "Community Drum Circle" and there is the Drumbelievables Recreational Drum Ensemble


In order to understand the unique difference between the two let me explain first what is a Community Drum Circle is.


It is the use of a rhythm-based event as a tool for unity, it is NOT a drum class and it’s NOT using culturally-specific rhythms.


A community drum circle is a fun, family friendly event, where people empower each other in the act of celebrating community and life through rhythm and music.


People of all levels of musical expertise come together and share their rhythmical spirit with which ever drums and percussion they bring to the event, they don't have to be a drummer to participate, everyone has something to offer within the circle, and any one is welcome.


Now let's see how a Drumbelievables Recreational Ensemble differs, first and foremost, it is directed by a drum captain who acts as a conductor. 


Multiple sections are created i.e. Bass, mid, high range and percussion sections.  These ensembles produce rhythms and grooves as we are conducted in syncopation. Timbre, Tempo and Cross Rhythms of various cultures and instruments interchange giving a diverse and unique musical creativity, expression and experience. 


All participants have something to bring, creativity and community sharing times are always facilitated and encouraged..


We welcome and encourage expressions of Cultural Rhythms and we are constantly learning and adding to our catalogue of grooves increasing cultural awareness of their histories, origins and applications.


Drumbelievables Recreational Community Gatherings are engaging, educational, and entertaining.