Custom Cajon's

Hear these Cajons in action below.


Drumbelievables Custom made Cajon’s are unique in the fact that they are ergonomically designed to prevent repetitive strain, fatigue and a host of various different types of injuries, back pains & strains.

How do we achieve this, well lets look for a moment of the history of the cajon and beat box. The Cajon is originally from Peru. The national height of a Peruvian person generally speaking in 5 feet tall. So the Cajon was designed for someone relatively small.

The west copied this model and made their Cajons the same size of the Peruvian ones, without thinking, they took this to the market and larger people from different countries started playing them.

Notice their posture, in order to get a good base tone the player had to tilt backwards, creating more risk of unbalance and over arching on the small of the back.

This is ultimately dangerous for your posture, and after consulting GP. Physiotherapist and Chiropractors and seeking their opinions. We at Drumbelievables will not distribute or make them available to play at any of our events.

In fact the only people we will let play a generic cajon is children about 4 1/2 feet in height.

Additionally the Cajon in Peru was never fitted with a snare chain, so the it was nicked named in the early 80’s as a beat box. A beat box does not have a snare, a Cajon does have a snare chain, or snare string.

Drumbelievables has looked long and careful at the Cajon and we have designed our own, in line with Advise from Physiotherapist and Chiropractors. Our Drumbelievables series Cajon's are custom made, wider to fully support the hips, and longer to allow the upright playing position, allowing the player greater access for Hybrid Settings, allowed easily to play a hi hat. And they come with a custom made angle ensuring that rocking on them is a thing of the past. In fact you will never be able to rock on them as they are heavier and so well planted in their design.

They are made to measure before they go to production. Different sizes for differently people.

Unlike conventional Cajons which have a base mid and snare tone. Drumbelievables Custom Cajon are 12 tone zones, making them very diverse for jazz, Latin, Cuban, Rock, there is a wide range on the loop pitch also. From -12.1 to +12. So great for the melodic and liner increase feels found in classical music.

The snare chains are again a matter of preference. I have E harp strings in mine some people have bass strings others have the standard. Whatever snare style you Like all our snares can be turned on and off, with the turn of one key. Making them both Cajons and Beat Boxes.

The finishes come in Satin, Vinyl and High Gloss. In any colour. We keep the Cajon frame a simple blank colour and we tend too take the facier in multiple designs like Sunburst Drumbelievables’s Blue. Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Beach, Birch, African hardwoods.

Once the colors have been decided by the purchaser and once the colors are applied, a large number of coats of industrial lacquer is applied which allows the drum to be scratch proof to a degree, but also protects the drum from damp and rain, dew, etc from the cold and out door playing.

Because not only the outside of the drums are coated but the insides also. Unlike any other Cheap Chinese Cajons. There is no skimping with Drumbelievables Custom Made Cajon.

Drumbelievables Cajon also have a bass board, whacker boards, sub woofers, and Bass tamers that can be attached to the back of the drum near the sound hole to alter the sound. This makes the drum more organic rather than having to change the sound electronically which can sound fake and unnatural.

Drumbelievables Cajons, have highlander pick ups and xlr, build in pickups at the rear of the drum, the internal mic system is phenomenal.

Ordering take 6 weeks as the process for making them requires moulds and clamps, etc. So 6 weeks is adequate time from the time you get measured for the completion of the drum.

Cost varies, on what snare system, pic up, finish, and design you like.

Drumbelievables has its own custom made cajon bags. As the Cajon are different sizes to the conventional ones in the shop. The bags are normally made to fit the drum.