School Packages


Questions & Answers.


  • What happens when Drumbelievables attends a School to do a Transition Year Program?


We normally arrive 1 hour prior to the start of the school day and set out the room we will be operating in. We usually ask for just chairs to be made available. Our sound System is connected with our multimedia projectors etc. Our drums are then unpacked and set up, health and safety checks on equipment and instruments are done. All equipment we use is our own so the school is not under any pressure to provide instruments.


  • What is the format of a typical transition program?


All our T.Y. programs are scheduled for x2 40 min sessions called usually a double class. So each T.Y. session meets for 80 minutes. We normally start with an Ice breaker, and proceed to instruct the class in various hand techniques, world rhythms on the drums and the fundamentals of drum ensembles. We get the students playing various rhythms and instruments from many different cultures.


Once we have had some fun and broke the ice etc, we interject with an energizer, and a 10 minute talk on a topic like bullying for example. Followed by team building exercises playing the drums, and the importance of inclusion, values and diversity are instilled by the drumming program, which reveals a persons value and self worth.


  • How many can you cater for?


We can cater for 200 in an assembly and in T.Y. classes about 35 people through-out the day.


If its a typical class normally thirty to thirty five students. We can have multiple double classes in that day.


We can go from 9am until close of School.

If you are interested in a program for your School then please get in contact.