Drumbelievables Introduction


Drums are the oldest instruments in history, in ancient text such as the Bible the very first verse of the very first book of Genesis says, “the Spirit of the Lord hovered over the earth” in the original language, the word Hover in Hebrew translates to the meaning “vibration” Imagine the sound of that vibration, then a massive big bang.

Throughout antiquity drums were used for keeping armies psyched up and marching in time, they were used for motivating armies marching into battle, and even putting terror into their enemies.

Drumming was used to assist Vikings to row their boats in time, Heave Ho, etc. In Nigeria the talking drum was used to communicate across rivers and they would bend the pitch of the drum to match strong currents so their messages could get across the River Osse and River Negra.


It is arguable also that drums gave birth to Morse Code. SOS SOS. Does anyone here know morse code? SAVE OUR SOULS SAVE OUR SOULS SAVE OUR SOULS, it’s tapped out as follows …--- … … ---… … ---… and then it was formed into a language for transmitting messages and then into telegraphs.


It’s true every culture has its own unique rhythms and instrument’s, There is Djembe’s, Congas, Bodhrans, Bendir's, Doire's, Conga's Cajon’s, Beat Boxes, Congitas, tambourines, Dun Dun drums, Darbukas,Doumbek, Dholeks  and dust bins, the list goes on.


The important thing is not the drum, but the drummer, it matters not in Drumbelievables which social or ethnic background you’re from. Whether you own a drum or not, drums will be provided.


People who have never even played a drum before are suddenly able to be partakers in this and enjoy it, learn from it, be motivated from it and that’s it! My desire is that  if you’re a first time visitor to Drumbelievables or just a partaker in the Motivational Drum Seminars, or a transition year student, a sales man or a community based worker looking for recreational drumming, is that you come here as strangers and you shall leave as friends.

So once you attend our meetings you will be issued with a health and safety flyer explaining how best to avoid any injury such as repetitive strain injury and hearing damage.  


Founder Drumbelievables.

“if you can say it, you can play it!”